Regular readers of the Tickled Pink Crafts blogs (and I hope there are some otherwise I am talking to myself) will know that I, Mrs Pink, am having some building work done to create an extension that will eventually house my father.  So, when Sticky Fingers announced that My Backyard was The Gallery theme this week I was both horrified and pleased.

Pleased, because it was a fairly easy theme to do.  Horrified because my backyard is not exactly at its best at the moment.

This is the debris associated with a simple dormer extension to house a new bathroom, so I am dreading the mess that will come when the builders start work on the slab (see how conversant I am in builder’s language) for the actual proper extension bit!

Still, it will all be worth it – we built a big extension on our previous house, and that involved me limbo’ing down the stairs on our wedding day, fully garbed in all my finery!!  And ultimately it means that my Dad will be here with us and not on his own and lonely.

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