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I have recently picked up my tatting shuttle again to try and see what tatted pieces could add to Tickled Pink’s products. For those of you who don’t know what tatting is, it is a type of lace making using a shuttle and thread which you wind around your fingers, making knots, loops, rings and chains which come together to form the most intricate and beautiful designs.

My Mum taught me how to tat, and she used to spend hours in her chair tatting whilst watching television in the evening, or in an odd five minutes during the day. She never went far without a bag containing her latest project, it travelled to visit relatives and even went on overseas holidays with her. It was not unknown for her to sit in the bar of the hotel with Dad, tatting and drinking and chatting to the ever growing group of people attracted by this unusual craft.

Here are some pieces that she made:

Dad has drawers full of similarly elegant items at home and few of our relatives and friends are without at least one piece given as a gift.

It was lovely to evoke memories of Mum by following in her tatting footsteps, the sound of the thread pulling through the shuttle woke vivid memories in me of her in her chair. Sadly though, my efforts are nowhere near as impressive as hers……….yet! I am sticking to simple rings until I get the hang of things again, chains will have to wait just that little bit longer.

I have made a snowflake:

and some little tatted motifs:

And here is a tiny flower used as an embellishment on one of my needle-felted cupcakes:

So, I am going to stop writing now and carry on tussling with a more intricate butterfly pattern that I started last night.