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After a day confined to the house yesterday I was looking forward to Daisy’s playdate this afternoon – tea, cake, grown up conversation and she could run off her energy with one of her favourite friends. And yes, you’ve guessed it…..cancelled because of an ear infection (although this one belongs to the Mummy and not the toddler!)! So, that left us at a loose end, and rather than spend another afternoon cooped up in front of CBeebies (there’s only so much Mr Bloom, Charley Bear and Mister Maker that a parent can take), for the sake of my sanity I had to come up with an outing.

We have been admiring the sprinking of snow that we can see on the Black Mountains since it fell earlier in the week and they were made the aim of our expedition. I could kill two birds with one stone by visiting The Goat Company at the same time to buy some woolly felting fibre.

Knowing his penchant for snow, Digby dog was invited along, and all bundled up against the bitter wind and freezing temperatures off we went. After a quick fifteen minute drive along some winding country lanes and a track signposted “Mountain Road” we found ourselves here:

We had a wonderful time, jumping on the frozen puddles to see if they would break, talking to the sheep (Digby ignored them, he was far more interested in the snow) and walking up the hill – not right to the top, I think we’ll save that for another, warmer, day.

When we finally got to the goat farm the shop was shut. They weren’t expecting anyone to drop in on an icy February afternoon and who can blame them. But now I have an excuse (as if I needed one) to come back to this beautiful place. Truly I am so lucky to live where I do and I can’t wait to get out and explore more.