I’m late this week with my Handmade Monday post, mainly because of a very hectic weekend involving being a bridesmaid for a wonderful friend and also because I have been hit by a proper achey flu type lurgy which is knocking me for six.

First of all, here are a couple of photos of the wedding.

I haven’t managed to make a lot this week as wedding preparations and get togethers got in the way, but I did make these button hearts which have had a good reaction.

My clever husband knocked up this coat rack for our 4 year old daughter, using some old wool bobbins that we had acquired from somewhere years ago (neither of us can remember when or where from!). I’m really pleased with it, and Daisy loves having her own special place to hang her coats.

So, whilst I get rid of this nasty bug, why not join me over at 1st Unique Gifts and have a look at some of the other lovely handmade goodies over there.