I missed Handmade Monday last week because of a horrible chest infection which has laid me low for nearly a fortnight. After a course of horse tablets I’m finally back on my feet and getting into the swing of things again.

The beautiful weather last week was a real boon for us and our builders who started to dig the footings for Dad’s granny flat extension. We are lucky because they aren’t just builders, but also our neighbours and good friends, totally reliable and hard working. It’s very exciting to get work started, but the mud and upheaval I can live without! Here they are at the end of a busy day.

I have got a stall at the local girl guide fundraiser on Saturday and I’m hoping, with Mother’s Day looming, that it will be a success. I’ve made some ladybirds, large and small, and think some bees will work in the same style. They look very cute peeking out of the top of plants or flowers.

Finally this week I made my little girl a present for being so good whilst I have been ill. She loves the CBeebies show Abney and Teal (if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s gentle and funny and sweet and lovely) and as yet no toys are available from it. So, I’ve made her a Neep, a cheeky chappy who’s always getting into mischief.

I’m popping over to 1st Unique Gifts now to leave a link and to have a look at all the other lovely handmade Monday blogs. Have a good week.