It’s been a glorious weekend hasn’t it? And we have had a lovely time outside sorting, clearing, tidying and generally getting rid of a lot of mess and mud left over by our building work. We have tried to restore our grass verge by sowing lots of grass seed and the first of my “makes” this weekend are these which have now been strategically placed on the aforesaid verge to try and keep passing cars off (not that we have many passing cars, maybe between 10 and 20 a day when it’s busy).

Daisy and I have planted cucumber, salad leaves, sunflowers and beech tree seeds this weekend too, so Spring must definitely be here.

Other than the stones, I haven’t made a lot this week as I have finally got onto Pinterest and have spent a large amount of time on there discovering what it’s all about and pinning things. I did make these, inspired by M-Crafts post last week. I managed to attach them to the findings quite easily by just attaching the findings to the felt.

I put adjustable knots on the necklace cord, so it can be worn either short or long.

Finally my very clever business partner at Tickled Pink Crafts, Amanda, made some beautiful flowers last week. She has used them on this fabulous picture.

She very kindly sent me some to play with, and I have turned them into quirky rings.

I think they would be great to wear for a night out or provide a great talking point at a dinner party or other social event.

So now I’m going to link to Handmade Monday on Wendy’s wonderful blog at 1st Unique Gifts and have a peek at what everyone else has been up to (it’s becoming my Sunday/Monday addiction!).