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Happy Easter everyone! We have had a lovely day with our friends having an Easter Egg hunt and then a croquet tournament (who’d have thought it could be such a vicious game)! Several bottles of wine have been consumed so please excuse any spelling mistakes.

I promised you a look at the pieces I have made for the Killer Heels event in Hereford this coming weekend. I thought the shoe keyrings/bag charms were particularly appropriate and may make some more along the same lines, but turn them into brooches.

I have persuaded my husband that he can make me some sort of display stand for my bags, but I need to drag him away from slabbing out the greenhouse and building steps – wish me luck.

I think I had better go and sober up now, so I will take a trip over to Wendy’s blog at 1st Unique Gifts and have a peek at all the other lovely things that are linked up there. Wishing you all a lovely week.