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So here’s what I was up to on Saturday before heading up to Leeds to help Dad sort out his loft for the impending move to Herefordshire (and the bedlam of living with his daughter, son-in-law, grand-daughter, 3 dogs, parrot, 7 hens and 4 fish!)! But more of the loft sorting in another post, here’s a few photos from Bizart!

First of all, here’s my stall looking (I think) very pretty.

I shared a table with Lily Mays – now she doesn’t have a website yet, but she makes the most beautiful baby taggies, bottle holders and mobile phone covers.  If you know someone with a new baby or with one on the way I seriously recommend you look her up and buy something from her as a gift.

Opposite me, tempting me the whole day, was Rachel Pritchard and her beautiful ceramics. She is a seasoned craft fairer and you can find her at the Malvern Spring Show this week. I finally gave in to temptation at the end of the day and bought a beautiful little green pot which now sits proudly on my dresser.

Next is the amazing Mrs Mcindoe who makes these amazing papercuts without the aid of a pattern!! Everything is done freehand! Can you believe it? Her lampshades are out of this world, just incredible – and what’s more, she’s a lovely lady too!

Here is Ruth and her friend Artisan Yarns. Ruth is one of the Bizart organisers and works very hard with Rachel and Rosie to put the events together – so thank you all.  She also knits rather well and Artisan Yarns, well, just beautiful colours of wool and fibres, handspun and hand dyed.

Finally, here’s Jill who makes amazing hats and creations from fabric. She also does various treatments and a multitude of other things (in fact I’m not sure if there’s anything she doesn’t do!).

Now there were lots of other lovely crafty people there, and my humble apologies for not including you on here. You can however, find them on Mrs Mcindoe’s blog and the Bizart blog.