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I missed Handmade Monday last week as we were up at my Dad’s house starting to sort out 50 years of life ready for his move to live with us. More of that later.

I’ve just one make to show you this week, a rag wreath, inspired by RosMadeMe’s great tutorial. I think I used too much fabric as I covered the front and the back of the wreath, but I enjoyed making it and may add them to Tickled Pink’s repertoire, with the inclusion of some needle-felted flowers dotted in and amongst the material.

I am going to give this one to a lovely friend as a birthday gift (let’s hope she’s not reading). She’s been having a pretty hard time of it lately and needs cheering up.

I started another project this weekend but I am not entirely happy with it and need to make some changes to it before I can show it to you. Hopefully it will be ready next week.

Now, back to Dad’s house. We started on the loft which actually was very well organised in boxes so it was easy to sort through. I found a whole host of treasures, including my O and A-level notes, boxes of German books from my university studies, photos, toys, more books, books and books! We gave at least 10 boxes of sorted books to the hospice that looked after my Mum for them to sell and raise funds, but it is impossible to give away old family books from the late 1800’s that are leather bound with inscriptions. These will find a new home here.

Here are some of the more interesting (I use that term loosely for some of the items) that we found, most of which will be kept.

This was hidden inside a box of German books. It has the most beautiful illustrations and photographs in it and I think there is a whole host of inspiration in there.

Two beautiful knitted and crocheted items. I remember the teeny tiny doll from my Grandparents’ house.

We found some of my old dolls that we washed and then put out in the sunshine (yes, there was a brief bit of sunshine) to dry – Dad nicknamed them the “Bathing Beauties”!

Please don’t ask why I ever bought this! I’m not sure it ever got opened!

This is a genuine Victorian hat and feather boa complete with ostrich feathers (proper vintage). I remember Mum wearing it in some of her local am dram productions and Dad assures me that it was worn by a friend at a recording of the Good Old Days at Leeds City Varieties.

And finally we found this battered book. Can you guess what’s in it?

It’s a real treasure. My maternal Grandmother’s recipe book containing family recipes and recipes from friends (she has annotated each one with the name of the cook) from before World War 2, during the war and after. Recipes for things like Mock Cream, Sheep’s Head stew and also, fortunately, more appetising things!

It has given me an idea for a linky blog which I will hopefully put together over the next few weeks and which I hope a few of you will join in.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this peep into Dad’s loft! I’m going to link to Handmade Monday now in its new home at Handmade Harbour (although still run by Wendy from 1st Unique Gifts) and am looking forward to seeing what other lovely handmade goodies are on display this week.