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It’s Handmade Monday time again and the week started well enough with lots of ideas and making going on. Diamond Day is nearly upon us (11th July) and I really want the stall to be full of lovely things.

I’ve made some strawberry keyrings.

I used some of the lovely lucite beads that I mentioned last week for the leaves and I think they work quite well. I also improvised with the keyrings, using some split rings that I found and some necklace chain that I had left over from another project! I wonder if there are any other fruit/veg that would be suitable for this?

The toadstools that I showed you were incredibly popular, even before I could get them on our website or Folksy! I simply tweeted a photo of them and was inundated with people wanting to buy them, so this week I have made some more and have experimented with some different colours.

I’ve also started to make some pansies to turn into brooches and put on some bags, but sadly have been cut short in their making as I have had to make an emergency dash to my Dad in Leeds. He rang us on Saturday morning complaining of a swollen and painful leg having been in agony all night. He sounded so distressed that rather than wait for the results of his visit to the emergency GP, I threw some clothes into a bag and sped up there. They think he has a dvt (deep vein thrombosis) and has had heparin injections, to try and bust the clot, yesterday and today and has to go for an ultrasound scan tomorrow morning. Typical that this happens only three weeks before he is due to move in with us! There is no way he can cope on his own at the moment, so I am going to have to see if I can get his care transferred from Leeds to Hereford/Abergavenny so that he can come home with me – wish me luck!

On a brighter note, some of you will have seen this post I wrote about workshops. Whilst you are too late to enter the competition, I would really love your thoughts and feedback on it.

And now to announce the winner of the aforementioned competition (and here are some photos to prove that it was all fair!). I appointed Dad to do the draw!

So Tilly Mint Boutique, if you contact me at ann@tickledpinkcrafts.co.uk with your address I will arrange for your prize to be sent out (although it might be a bit delayed due to my being in Leeds at the moment).

Time to link up to Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour and to peruse the other lovely blogs there. Here’s to a less eventful week!