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I hate to start another Handmade Monday post mentioning the weather, but I have to say that we have had a relatively pleasant weekend and I have even managed to get two loads of washing dry outside! Doesn’t look like it will last through the week, and Hereford Diamond Day on Wednesday looks distinctly cold and miserable! Let’s hope it doesn’t put people off.  Here’s the rainbow that we saw from our window this afternoon, it was so low in the valley that we were higher than the top of it.

Dad has been with us all week and will be with us, I think, from now on. He doesn’t have a dvt, but is still in quite considerable discomfort with his knee and I wouldn’t be happy with him at home on his own. He was due to move in with us permanently on 19th July, so a week or so doesn’t make any difference and I’m sure we can manage his move from here (although I will likely have to go back up to Leeds to oversee packing). I’m going to drag him down to the local GP tomorrow just to get it looked at again. I think it’s shocked him a bit as he is usually very active, and I can see that he is fed up of being immobile and reminded of his real age rather than his mental age (mind you, my mental age is about 21 – if only!)!

I have just about finished everything for Diamond Day now, and Amanda has sent me a huge box of goodies too. Tomorrow will be spent sorting and pricing and then on Tuesday I’m going to have a practise set up. I have to be there very early on Wednesday morning, no traffic is allowed on site after 7.30am because of Royal security so it’s going to be a long day! I am hugely excited about it though.

Here are the final bits that I made this week.

The rag trees are mini ones which I made using the bits of fabric I had leftover from making the larger ones. They have little lucite beads added on to them too.

I have made myself a red, white and blue necklace from buttons too which I am really pleased with, but haven’t managed to take a photo of. I’m not sure anyone will be able to see it if it’s really going to be as cold as they are forecasting on Wednesday.

So, I’m going to link up with Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour and have a look at the other lovely blogs there. Have a good week and see you all next Sunday.