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It’s been too long since I last took part in Handmade Monday and I can only blame the complete craziness that has been happening here for that.

Firstly, we have moved my Dad in with us and recommenced work on his annexe. It has been quite some feat to accommodate his stuff in with ours, in spite of the fact that the majority of it is in storage! It’s taking some time for us all to get used to the new dynamics in the household and sometimes it feels like I have taken on an extra child rather than an adult who can take care of himself! I am sure it will all work out in the long run, but am expecting a lot more bumps on the way.

Another milestone will be reached on Tuesday when Daisy starts school. How on earth that has come around so quickly I don’t know! She is only doing two hours a day for the first couple of weeks due to the intake being so high this year for the school (usually they have 10-12 children, this year it’s 30!). She’s ready for it and so am I, but I will miss having her around and doing stuff with her.

Consequently, amongst sorting and nametape sewing, there hasn’t been a lot of time for making. I am hoping that this will change once school starts full time and I can dedicate a lot more time to making, and also getting Tickled Pink “out there”. There are so many websites, shops and opportunities that I want to investigate and I am very excited about it.

I have managed to make these, my first attempts at three dimensional animals. I am quite pleased with them, especially the elephant, and will be taking them along to the Bizart fair on Saturday 8th September to see what the reaction is.

Now I am going to link up to the other Handmade Monday blogs over at Handmade Harbour. I have really missed the community there and the sense of belonging, so am looking forward to catching up with everyone there. See you all next week, I promise!