I make no apologies for this post. It’s completely unrelated to handmade things, craft or Tickled Pink, it’s very self-indulgent but I need to write it.

My wonderful little girl Daisy starts school tomorrow and my reaction to it has caught me completely unawares. She is so ready for school, for the new friendships, adventures, tears, laughter and learning. She will cope with it, I have no doubt. She won’t cry and cling to me at the school gate and she will be on the school bus in no time at all, gaining her independence and growing in stature, confidence and character. And I am so so proud of her.

Me, on the other hand, that’s a completely different story. Yes, I am relishing the fact that I will be able to get things done without a small person pestering me every five minutes. I can’t wait to be able to devote my time to Tickled Pink Crafts, make pretty things and grow the business. But, I will miss her company, her giggles, her cuddles, her tantrums and her conversation. I will miss her endless questions, her stories, her songs and her noise and mess. Who will keep me company when I go shopping? Who will I talk to in the car? What about all the places we want to visit, the adventures we were going to have?

I never expected to feel like this. I know we will still have weekends and holidays to do amazing things, and I know that school is the next big step which will turn her into the person that she wants to be. I know, perhaps, that I am being selfish but I can’t help feeling that I am losing a bit of her that I will never get back again. I know too that everything will be OK and that this will soon become the norm. And I know that in a few years time when doors start to slam and we argue like cat and dog I will be willing her to go to school and get out of my hair!

So for now I want to say, Daisy go get ’em. Make me proud, make yourself proud. Do your best, be kind and good and enjoy yourself. I love you as big as the world, you wonderful, special girl.