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Apologies for missing Handmade Monday again last week, but if you have a look here you’ll see why things have been a bit chaotic! We are still living in a tiny space, surrounded by walls of blue plastic to keep the dust out, but hopefully our fireplace should be finished early this week and we will be back to some semblance of normality soon! And finally Daisy has started full time school today after a week of two hours in the morning and a week of two hours in the afternoon. She was very excited about staying for a full day.

I had a good day at the Bizart fair and sold both my mouse and elephant as well as a lot of other pieces. I had a huge compliment paid me too when a customer told me that she visits a lot of craft fairs and mine was the best needle-felting she had ever seen! That almost beats the comment that I got at one of the local village shows, when a teenage girl said that my accessories were “better than Top Shop”!! I wonder whether Top Shop would mind me using that in my advertising?!

As well as clearing up after the builders I have been pickling and jamming. I found a recipe for Lemon and Carrot Marmalade which I thought sounded a bit different, so I have given it a go and have to say it is some of the most delicious marmalade I have ever tried.

I have also made passata from some of our home grown tomatoes and green tomato chutney as I think we will have a glut of the green ones this year because they started to ripen so late.

I have also had to find inventive ways with cucumber as we have had over 2 stones of fruit from one plant. We have eaten some, given some away and I have pickled some too.

Our red cabbages have been pickled and the next thing to have a go at is beetroot – any recipes anyone?

Today I have started some blackberry and apple gin and am steeping some more blackberries for sweet blackberry vinegar. I thought I might have a try at some haw ketchup too as there are hundreds of haws in the hedgerows this year.

I have started a couple of Christmas felting projects too, but they can wait until next week. I will go and link up at Handmade Harbour now and spend some time browsing through all the other lovely blogs there. Until next week…………