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Gosh, is it really Handmade Monday time again? I thought I would have more time when Daisy started school, but I seem to have less! How does that work?

It has been a busy week. I started by making this, inspired again by the lovely creation over at Daisymoon Designs that I mentioned last week.

No sooner had I listed it in my new Etsy shop than it sold. There aren’t a lot of items in there yet, but my aim this week is to list some more things. I have decided to try Etsy as well as Folksy for a while to see how it goes. I certainly think it’s easier to list items on there, but haven’t had enough of a poke around to see whether I prefer it yet. Does anyone have any strong opinions about either site?

I have also been playing with my new sewing machine this week. I decided to treat myself a few weeks ago as I just couldn’t get on with the one that I inherited from Mum. At the time she bought it, it was a top of the range model, but the tension was so difficult to get right that I would spend more time faffing with it than actually sewing things. My new one is the complete opposite and I love how simple it is to set up and how quickly you can actually make things with it.

Here are some of my first creations with it.

It was lovely to use some of my fabric stash, and I particularly like the stripy one with the red button – simple but stylish.

I have been busy on the sewing machine today too, but haven’t taken photos yet so you will have to wait and see what I have come up with (or check Etsy later on in the week to see if I have actually managed to list any more items!).

I had a lovely evening on Friday with one of my closest friends Katie, who blogs over at PollyRabbit. She suggested I link my blog to the Foodies100 as I often write about food, cooking and the like. So I have, and will wait and see what happens.

You may notice too that my photos are all against a white background. After reading Natalie’s post the other week, I treated myself to a white light tent thingy from eBay. I am quite pleased with the results, although I really need to sort out my camera which has a broken flash. It’s either get it repaired or borrow Dad’s!

And finally I have joined the forum over at Make and Craft as well as subscribing to the first three issues with their amazing online digital subscription offer. I am looking forward to getting to know a lot of new people through the forum as well as some that I already know a bit better.

Right, off to link up now on Handmade Harbour. Have a wonderful week and see you all next week, same time (hopefully) same place.