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It’s a misty, damp morning here today and my view is completely obscured, so I thought it would be a good idea to cheer myself up by reading some Handmade Monday posts. First, though I’d better write mine!

I bought some 2013 diaries the other week and have been desperate to make some covers for them for a while now after seeing a pattern in my Liberty Book of Home Sewing (which I got for an absolute bargain price at our local garden centre, of all places).

Here they are.

I think there’s one that Penny and Higgins might particularly like!

I have also made some Christmas stockings from some lovely Scandinavian style material, but they are not quite finished yet as I want to add some needle-felted embellishments to them, so I will show you them next week.

In between the diaries and stockings I managed to finish an order for the lovely Emma at Nayworth Cottage Crafts. She has been suffering rather badly with her back recently, so pop along and liker her Facebook page, she has lots of lovely things on there and it will cheer her up too.

My Etsy shop is getting more stock in it and I am slowly finding my way around the site. It is very user friendly and my aim this week is to figure out treasuries, especially after the lovely Natalie featured one of my rag trees in this one – thank you.

Today is going to be a sloe or beetroot day, I haven’t decided which yet, but I have a huge pile of both to deal with. Instead of gin, I am going to try and make a sloe and apple jelly this year, and the beetroot is going to turn into beetroot and horseradish relish, using up some of our home-grown horseradish too. So I’d better get started – although I rather think I’ll be here for a while looking at all the other lovely Handmade Monday posts. Have a good week.