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I am a little bit gobsmacked at the moment, as I have just finished watching a man jump back to earth from 127,000 feet in the air! What an awesome achievement, and how incredible that we could watch it live. It’s left me almost speechless and full of admiration for Felix Baumgartner and his Red Bull team.

Back to earth with a bump and it’s Handmade Monday time. I’ve spent time finishing things this week, amongst them some toadstools and also the Christmas stockings that I mentioned last week.

They are made from the most gorgeous Scandinavian style fabric that I found in my local fabric shop (in fact I went back yesterday and bought another bundle) and finished with some fleece that I bought last year with the intention to make stockings but never got round to doing. I also made a couple of completely fleecy ones too which are very snuggly and Christmassy – they look great hanging from my new fireplace beam so I will have to make a couple for myself too.

I am very pleased with the tatted edging that I made for one of them, I think it gives it a more vintage feel. I would have loved to have done the same on the others, but sadly I don’t tat as quickly as my Mum used to, and it would take me until Christmas to finish it. Here’s the edging before I sewed it onto the stocking.

In kitchen news, I made sloe and apple jelly which I blogged about here. It is very tasty, a little bit sharp (which I like) and is delicious on toast.

The beetroot still needs preserving and I aim to do something with it tomorrow. I have to be careful though as we have a parent’s evening too and I don’t want to meet Daisy’s teacher with Lady Macbeth style hands!

Here’s some of our horseradish which I grated into jars and covered with vinegar (apologies for the fuzzy photo). Apparently it’s easy to turn it into a relish simply by adding a drop of cream and some mustard.

So, before I go and list my stockings in my Etsy shop I will go and link up at Handmade Harbour and spend a while mooching round the other lovely blogs on there. See you all next week.