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I’m late with Handmade Monday but it seems to have been one of those weeks. Dad has been ill with a nasty tummy bug, Daisy acquired a lovely black eye at school and hubby has jetted off to China again, so all in all it’s been quite hectic.

As far as crafting goes, I managed to make a pretty drawstring bag for Daisy’s playroom. Since we started building Dad’s extension we have replaced a window with a door in there, so the storage options have been altered a bit. However, hubby managed to create some shelves out of some wood remnants, and we found an old IKEA peg rack to fix to the bottom of them for hanging things on. Hence the bag (excuse the fuzzy focus).

It includes my first ever attempt at applique, which is wobbly in places, but I am pleased with it.

I have also made Christmas cakes, using our family mixing bowl which is a bit of a tradition. It belonged to my Great Great Grandma and we often see similar ones in museums which always makes us chuckle.

I’ve made four cakes this year, one for us and then the other three for friends so that I can raise a little bit of extra cash for our Christmas celebrations.

Here’s our Jack O’Lantern that we carved from one of our homegrown pumpkins – actually the only one that we managed to grow!

And finally here are a couple of photos of some mushrooms that I found growing in the hedgerow this morning (the big one was the size of a small dinner plate). I was so surprised to see them as the wild mushroom crop has been so poor this year – last year I made gallons of wild mushroom soup for the freezer and we just went out and picked a few if I wanted them for cooking. This year we haven’t picked any at all. These ones, according to a good friend of mine who knows his mushrooms, are a very common mushroom of the Clitocybe family (Pronun: Cly-toss-i-bee), either Clitocybe geotropa or Clitocybe nebularis. He didn’t recommend eating them as there are some poisonous varieties and it’s difficult to tell them apart, so I have left them there in all their glory.

Hopefully I’ll have some more makes to report next week as I’ve a couple of craft fairs coming up at the beginning of December. Off to link up at Handmade Harbour now, so see you next time.