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Today has been a beautiful spring-like day but I know it hasn’t been like that everywhere and I know that it will probably snow tomorrow. We were lucky enough to go to our neighbour’s farm and see the lambs – we even saw one being born which was wonderful (and Daisy took it in her stride too).

IMG_6775 IMG_6790 IMG_6806 IMG_6807Hubby even got his hands dirty by doing some sheep wrangling and assisting whilst one of the ewes had a prolapse pushed back in and stitched (not a very dignified process for the poor sheep but it needed to be done to stop her potentially dying). Needless to say, he thought it was fantastic and that he was some kind of sheep-saving superhero! Perhaps I should needle-felt him a costume?

IMG_6812As far as the felting goes it has been more bees, more ladybirds, more toadstools. The order backlog doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller and still enquiries are coming in which is fantastic! Here’s an order that I made with some customer’s colour choices for the bees and which I think have worked really well and which I would love to make again, and also a larger toadstool which I love.

New 20132I have also made these bunny ears, kindly modelled by Daisy. I have orders for more too and will have to make them this week because it really is nearly Easter!

New 20131So this week will be bunny ears and rabbits like this one, so that everyone gets their Easter orders in time.

IMG_6648So here’s wishing you a lovely week and I’ll pop over to Handmade Harbour and link up with all the other Handmade Monday blogs there. Why not join me?