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It was a beautiful day yesterday (apart from the freezing wind) so Daisy and I decided to take the dogs for a walk on the Common where we searched for both the Iron Giant and the Gruffalo.

At first there were no signs.

IMG_6861But then Daisy thought she saw a footprint.

IMG_6860The dogs weren’t much help – they couldn’t even decide which path to take!

IMG_6862We found quite a lot of this.

IMG_6864And even a sign that Spring might be on the way.

IMG_6872But still no Gruffalo or Iron Giant. Then we came across this. Who could live there?

IMG_6870George even found a gnawed bone nearby, but when we knocked there was no answer!

We think that this might have been part of the Iron Giant, but didn’t like to disturb it.

IMG_6869So in the end we gave up and went home, but not before feasting our eyes on this spectacular view.