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Life has, as usual, been very hectic round these parts and I apologise for having missed a couple of Handmade Mondays.

Last week, being Easter Sunday, we had some friends round for an indoor Easter egg hunt (too cold and snowy outside) and Sunday roast. We had a lovely time, consumed far too much wine and finished the afternoon watching the old (and best) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Here are some of my Easter makes (you may have seen them in other posts), which thankfully I managed to get out on time!

IMG_6832IMG_6672I also made a lovely bumble bee and flower mobile for a friend of mine to give a colleague as a Maternity Leave gift. I was really pleased with how it looked, but foolishly didn’t manage to get a photo of it – typical!

So now we’re at the dilemma mentioned in the title of my post, and I’m hoping you lovely Handmade Monday people will help me come up with a solution.

As you know things have been going really well for me business wise and I have been swamped with orders for bees, ladybirds and toadstools. I have managed to get most of these completed (there are a couple of paid orders still remaining to be finished) and now I have a waiting list of people who want to buy my goodies. Now, I know that this is no bad thing and it is a position many people would like to be in, and I am extremely grateful. But, how can I organise things so that I have time to build stock for fairs (I haven’t dared sign up for any yet, in spite of offers as I can’t see how I’ll get stock made), time to make stock for the craft shop and also time to work on new ideas? I have loads of ideas buzzing round my head, but no time to try them out and I love doing the craft fairs and having stock in the shop as they expose me to a much wider audience, so how can I manage things? They are quite time consuming items to make and I don’t want to give up on their quality in favour of quantity. It’s a great dilemma to have, but at the moment I can’t see the wood for the trees. Any bright ideas would be more than welcome.

So get your thinking caps on and I’ll go and link up with Wendy and the gang at Handmade Harbour, and see you all next week.