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It’s been half-term this week, so not a lot of felting to report for this week’s Handmade Monday, although I did make another set of Vegimals for one of Daisy’s friends who was having an Octonaut themed birthday party. She was thrilled with them, as were her Mum and Dad.  Whilst there we made a Socktonaut!

IMG_7198We visited the Hay Literary Festival on Monday where we saw a Winnie the Pooh storyteller and ate ice-cream in spite of the pouring rain.  Later in the week we had a go at some pottery with air-drying clay. Here are the results waiting to be painted.

IMG_7197We have also had two Birthday parties to attend and the usual chores to do, so it has been a very busy week.

Yesterday we treated ourselves to a family day out and went back to the Gospel Pass and Lord Hereford’s Knob. No climbing this week as Grandpa was with us, so instead we pottered around churches and a ruined priory, ending up in a pub for a glorious Sunday lunch.

Here’s Cwmyoy Church. See if you can spot the problem!

IMG_7152 IMG_7159Apparently it leans over more than 1″ further than the Leaning Tower of Pisa and there isn’t a single right angle in the building!

Llanthony Priory was next.

IMG_7167 IMG_7170Lord Hereford’s Knob, this time from the bottom – hard to believe that last weekend we were standing on the top!

IMG_7177Pretty tulips en route to the pub.

IMG_7185And finally relaxing with a pint after a dip in the stream (the dogs, not us I hasten to add)!

IMG_7193Lots to make this week and catch up with the order book. I’ve also got two mobiles to finish for new babies, one of whom was very premature but came home from hospital finally last week, and the other for my friend who at this moment is in hospital waiting to see if they are going to give her a C-section today or not! Very exciting!

So pop over to Handmade Harbour now and look at all the other lovely blogs and I’ll get my felting needles out and get cracking. Enjoy the beautiful weather and see you all next week.